FIP Impact Database Feedback Questionnaire

The FIP Impact Database collates, summarises, and provides access to a complete range of  FIP outputs that support the Federation and members’ vision and mission.

Currently in its testing phase, the Impact Database provides members access to reports, frameworks, policies, and publications to support advocacy and policy development.  

Your insights are important in improving the overall user experience.

We value your commitment to helping us improve the FIP Impact Database. Please share your experiences with the database by responding to the questions that follow.

For more information about the FIP Impact Database and guidance on how to use it, please refer to the Handbook.
1. The FIP Impact Database is user-friendly
2. Navigating the FIP Impact Database to find needed information is easy
3. The information presented in the Impact Database is clear and understandable
4. Are there any specific features or information that you find particularly useful in the database?
5. Have you encountered any challenges while using the Impact Database? If so, please describe them.
6. What improvements or additions could enhance the usefulness and value of the Impact Database for you?